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Maglite C and D Torches D/C O-Ring Face Cap Replacement Part

Maglite aims to design revolutionary torches that produce the best and brightest light. They are also built to last, but in the event a part comes loose or goes missing after long term use. We know how hard they can be to find, and now, we have the full range of spare parts available here at a low price.
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Looking for some genuine Maglite Spare Parts?

We know how painful it is to have lost just one small part or accessory, and how difficult it is to get a replacement. Well, now you'll be able to get them - Quick and Simple here !!

Our Complete list of genuine Maglite C and D Torches Spare Parts:

1. D- Switch
2. D- Head Black
3. D- O- Ring Barrel
4. D- O- Ring Tail Cap
5. D- Main Spring
6. D- Switch Seal
7. D- Barrel 2 Cell Black
8. D- Barrel 3 Cell Black
9. D- Barrel 4 Cell Black
10. D- Barrel 5 Cell Black
11. D- Barrel 6 Cell Black
12. D- Tail Cap Black
13. D- Head Black
14. D- Tail Cap Black
15. C- Switch Assembly
16. C- Head Black
17. C- O- Ring Barrel
18. C- O- Ring Tail Cap
19. C- Main Spring
20. C- Barrel 2 Cell
21. C- Barrel 3 Cell
22. C- Barrel 4 Cell
23. C- Tail Cap Black
24. C- Head Black
25. C- Switch Seal
26. D/C O- Ring Head
27. D/C O- Ring Face Cap
28. D/C Clear Lens
29. D/C Reflector
30. D/C Bulb Protector
31. D/C Retaining Cap
32. D/C Face Cap
33. D/C Blue Lens
34. D/C Amber Lens
35. D/C Red Lens
36. D/C Glass Lens
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