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Maglite Mini AAA Reflector Replacement Part

  • Genuine Reflector
  • Replacement / Spare Part
  • Compatible Only With Classic 'Incandescent' AAA-Battery Cell, Mini Maglite
  • Metallic Silver Colour
  • Combination Construct Body Material
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    Maglite Mini AAA Reflector Replacement Part

    A small, and compact reflector developed to administer a paralleled lighting beam.

    Maglite Mini AAA Reflector Replacement Part is an important flashlight component used to maximize brightness. When defected, or broken, your torch will not be able to function, gather, and/or re-direct light efficiently.

    Maglite Mini AAA Reflector Replacement Part is a combination of material construct that is compatible only with 2x AAA-Battery Powered, Mini Maglite torches.

    As a good word, this reflector is a genuine spare part supplied by Maglite.

    Classic 'Incandescent' AAA Mini Maglite Flashlight Assembling Guide

    1.   Tail Cap 2.   Lip Seal (Tail Cap) 3.   Electrical Contact
    4.   Spare Lamp 5.   Battery Spring (Insert This Into The Tail Cap) 6.   Barrel
    7.   O-Ring (Barrel) 8.   Lamp 9.   Head
    10.   O-Ring (Head) 11.   Reflector 12.   Clear Lens
    13.   O-Ring (Face Cap) 14.   Face Cap
    More Information
    Colour / Coating Metallic Silver Colour
    Body Material Combination Construct
    Classification Replacement / Spare Part, Reflector
    Rechargeable No
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