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Powa Beam Spotlight Glass Lens - Red / Clear

  • Red / clear glass lens
  • Round glass lens
  • Rubber edging
  • Available in different sizes
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    As low as $17.00 Regular Price $24.95
    Powa Beam Spotlight Glass Lens - Red / Clear

    Replacement glass lens for your Powa Beam lights including halogen and HID. Includes glass and rubber ring. Powa Beam manufacture the highest quality spotlights, making sure each spotlight ensures a perfect spot by hand-focusing on every unit and component, so they can be used for many years.

    Red light are use to preserve the eye's natural adjusted night vision. Will disturb eyes the least of all colours which helps your eyes to stay adjusted for night conditions, used by hunters to avoid spooking game as many see very poorly in the red colour spectrum.
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    Brand Powa Beam
    Country of Manufacture Australia
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