Victorinox Ranger Grip 74 Swiss Army Knife

  • 14 Tools
  • 3 Layers
  • 130mm (L) x 31mm (W) x 28mm (H)
  • Large-Sized Pocket Knife
  • Fully Fine Edge Knife
  • Liner Lock Mechanism
  • Locking Blade
  • Wenger Ranger Grip 74 Equivalent
  • Red / Black Colour
  • Two-Component Scales
  • Ranger Series
  • Key Ring Attachment Design
  • Victorinox Lifetime Warranty
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    Victorinox Ranger Grip 74 Swiss Army Knife

    In a camaraderie takeover by Victorinox, many of the former Wenger brand Swiss Army Knives ceased in production in response of the overlapping tools between the two. Those remained became what is known as the 'Delemont Collection', as a sign of tribute and respect to the Delemont Valley in the Canton of Jura, where Wenger's factory is based.

    Among the surviving pocket knives (under the now Victorinox brand) is the retaining of the 'Ranger' series and its two-scales variation for non-slip, gripping performance. Victorinox Ranger Grip 74 Swiss Army Knife - Red / Black is categorized as a 130mm length multi-tool, featuring 4 uniquely powerful combination tools for the many feats of wonder.

    All Ranger series of Swiss Army Knives features a liner lock system for a locking blade and locking large-sized, 5mm flathead screwdriver stability. In this variant of the utility blade, a one of a kind needle-nose pliers / combination tool can further be seen.

    Victorinox Ranger Grip 74 Swiss Army Knife - Red / Black is armed with a fully fine edge blade in preparation for the outdoor ready, everyday carry (EDC) users. Full of tools, full of power.

    Tools / Functions
    1.   Large Blade (Lockable) 2.   Wire Stripper 3.   Bottle Opener
    4.   5mm Flathead Screwdriver (Lockable) 5.   Needle-Nose Pliers 6.   Nut Wrench
    7.   Wire Cutter 8.   Tweezers 9.   Toothpick
    10.   Corkscrew 11.   Reamer, Punch And Sewing Awl 12.   Key Ring
    13.   3mm Flathead Screwdriver 14.   Can Opener
    More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.231
    Barcode 7611160044617
    Series / Models Ranger
    Length 130mm
    Width 31mm
    Height 28mm
    No. of Tools 14
    No. of Layers 3
    Lockable Blade Yes
    One Hand Operation No
    Material Two-component scale
    Activity Camping, Everyday Carry (EDC)
    Product Warranty Victorinox Lifetime Warranty
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