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Victorinox Evolution Grip 11 Swiss Army Knife

  • 13 Tools
  • 2 Layers
  • 85mm (L) x 27.5mm (W) x 17.5mm (H)
  • Medium-Sized Pocket Knife
  • 6.35cm Fully Fine Edge Knife
  • Wenger Evolution Grip 11 Equivalent
  • Two-Component Scales
  • Evolution Series
  • Key Ring Attachment Design
  • Victorinox Lifetime Warranty
  • Back in stock 05/03/21
    Victorinox Evolution Grip 11 Swiss Army Knife

    The EvoGrip 11 Swiss Army Knife, part of the Victorinox Delemont Collection, features a total of 13 function count.

    The ergonomic handles of the EvoGrip 11 are embedded with non-slip rubber in the four major areas that come in contact with your hand.

    This improved grip results in increased safety, performance and efficiency. The EvoGrip 11 is a perfect blend of modern advancement and versatility.

    A selection of Wenger pocket knives has been integrated into the Victorinox collection. Experienced employees that have been working for the cutlery maker based in the canton of Jura for several years will, from now on, be producing exclusively Victorinox Swiss Army Knives at Delémont.

    Victorinox has taken many features and functions of the former models. However, some products will be in the future with an additional toothpick and tweezers. Furthermore, the punch, the can opener and the screwdriver will be now modified.

    Tools / Functions
    1.   Large Blade 2.   Can Opener 3.   3mm Flathead Screwdriver
    4.   Philips Screwdriver (Size Standard 1 And 2) 5.   Reamer, Punch And Sewing Awl 6.   Key Ring
    7.   5mm Flathead Screwdriver 8.   Bottle Opener 9.   Nail File
    10.   Nail Cleaner 11.   Wire Stripper 12.   Tweezers
    13.   Toothpick
    More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.06
    Barcode 7611160044860
    Series / Models Evolution
    Length 85mm
    Width 27.5mm
    Height 17.5mm
    No. of Tools 13
    No. of Layers 2
    Lockable Blade No
    One Hand Operation No
    Material Two-component scale
    Activity Everyday Carry (EDC)
    Product Warranty Victorinox Lifetime Warranty
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