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True Utility CoinStash

  • Emergency Money Capsule
  • 10mm Split Ring
  • Airplane Grade Aluminium Frame
  • Watertight Neoprene O-Ring Seal
  • Head Attached Spring Coil
  • Silver Colour
  • True Utility 2 Years Warranty
    Special Price $5.57 Regular Price $7.95
    True Utility CoinStash

    We all lose those change in a crucial time of need. But fret not because we have a CoinStash for a True Utility purpose. Built to secure emergency funds and survivalism, you'll be truly prepared for a run at war or natural disasters.

    The CoinStash is a tool that you can fix for multiple carry options - whether a set of keys, a bag and even your necklace, this smartly designed tool comes with a 10mm split ring. Housing up to 5 coins at a go, its waterproof, airplane grade aluminum structure with a watertight neoprene O-ring seal gets the inners secured until safe removal. A spring coil attached right below the head further prevents those coins from moving.
    1.   Body Piece Of CoinStash 2.   Coil Spring (Head Attached) 3.   Head Piece Of CoinStash
    4.   10mm Split Ring 5.   Watertight Neoprene O-Ring Seal 6.   Airplane Grade Aluminium Frame
    Warranty Information
    All True Utility goods are warranted against material and workmanship defect by True Brand for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. If the product is found to be defective during the warranty period, it shall be replaced free of charge. Should the product be discontinued, it will be replaced with an item of equal value. This warranty does not cover water damage, improper handling, battery life, bulbs, flame consistency, colour clarity, colour finish, accidents or wear and tear. A proof of purchase is also required for all claims.
    More Information
    Dimensions 4cm Length x 2.5cm Width x 2.5cm
    Classification Emergency / Survival money Capsule
    Body Material Airplane Grade Aluminum
    Length N/A
    Activity Everyday Carry (EDC)
    Product Warranty True Utility 2 Years Warranty
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