Nitecore Torches for Outdoor Activities
Nitecore LED lights have become standard equipment's for military and law enforcement in various countries, whilst being favored by outdoor enthusiasts, which are ideal for outdoor adventures, law enforcement, trail running, industrial lighting and more.

Hiking & Trekking
Generally, lights for hiking not only require high output of light but also light weight, long duration and reliability. For team leaders, high output light and far-reaching spotlights able to help to see the path ahead, and a red caution light helps team members to find you.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: HA23, NU20, NU25, NU32.

For long distance running, runners may prefer a lightweight headlamp with flood light and long runtime. High output light and red caution light are required when necessary. For those who enjoy leisurely urban night running, a high performance headlamp ensures their safety in running.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: UT32, NU17, NU20, NU25, NU32, HA23.

For camping, a lightweight and portable lantern with a loop or magnetic base may be the most convenient to set hands free. Besides high output of light, it also requires soft beam with high colour rendering index, long duration and more.
We recommend the the following Nitecore models: NU25, LA10, LR12, LA30, LR30, LR50.

Considering the harsh environment on high altitude, a headlamp with high intensity, long runtime and grand throw is essential. For freezing environments, low temeprature resistance is required to maintain stable performance of lights. Hands-free and lightweight products are more popular.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: HC33, HC60, HC65.

Due to the dangerous and low-light environment in cave, high output lights are required for caving. Since there might have water in cave and the temperature is low, low temperature resistance and waterproofness are necessary. Ruggedness are also paramount.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: HU60, HC33, HC60, HC6.

Hands-free capability is paramount. Coloured output lights are inconspicuous, especially blue light. Blue light will not alarm underwater wildlife, and is able to attract some fishes, activate fluorescence of the float, which is why it is well received by fisherman or fishing enthusiasts.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: SRT7GT, TUP.

Lighting with capability to illuminate blind spot ahead or under foot is essential to ensure safety in cycling. Features like multiple modes for different riding conditions, easy to operate, install or remove, flexible charging options, compatibility with handlebars of various sizes also add up to great bike light. A rear caution light is also necessary for maximum attention and safety.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: BR35, NU05.

A flashlight for diving needs to be totally waterproof and reliable with high output, sufficient duration and flexibility. It is better to have a lanyard in case of loss. Red output is a plus for it serves as a supplementary lighting underwater.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: DL20.

Full area coverage uniform lighting with colour rendering capability is best for photography. Multiple output choices allowing for adjusting lighting according to ambient environment are also required. Portability, compability with tripods and coloured outputs are a plus.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: SCL10, GP3, LR30, TM28.

Everyday Carry (EDC)
EDC is designed to be carried with you everyday, thus it must be ultra-compact, lightweight, and always works when you need it. It does not require multiple choices of brightness level, whilst sufficient runtime and easy operation are necaessary.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: E4K, MH12S, MH10S, T4K, TUP, TINI2, TIP2, TIKI, TIKI LE, TIKI GITD, TIP SE, TUBE V2.

A hunting light should have high output light with optimal beam distance to ensure long range visibility. Light weight, compatibility with shotguns, ability to absorb recoil are also required. Coloured outputs are preferred to preserve user's night adapted vision, or to not startle the preys.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: P30I, NEW P30, MH40GTR, MH25GT.

As a simple and intuitive UI is most important in tactical lights, Strobe Ready™ definitely meets the need. Besides, it requires high output light and tactical defense function. Using with bezel, tactical ring, gun mount and remote switch to enhance the tactical function overall.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: P20I, MH12S, P20 V2, P20UV V2, NPL20, SRT7GT, CI7, TM9K.

Search & Rescue
For search and rescue, a lighting tool should preferably have blinding lumens, superb beam distance as well as long runtime. Qualities like portability, ruggedness and light weight are also a plus.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: TM39, TM39 LITE, TM28, P30I, R40 V2, HC33.

Law Enforcement
For law enforcement applications, the lighting tools should have high output, long runtime and direct access to strobe. This kins of lighting tool should be highly reliable in resisting dust, water and shocks, and should be tough enough to confront contingencies.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: P20I, MH12S, P20 V2, P20UV V2, NPL20, MT1A, SRT7GT, R40 V2, TM9K, NU05 LE, NU05 MI.

Industrial Workplace
Rechargeable lights are usually welcomed byb industrial workers due to better cost performance. Hands-free capability, portability, an intuitive user interface are required to ensure convenience. For hazardous industries like mining or oil extraction, explosion-proof lights are mandatory.
We recommend the following Nitecore models: EF1, EH1, EH1S, HA23-EX, UT32, HC33, HC60, HC65, NU35, TM28, TM39, TM39 LITE.