Nitecore GP3 Rechargeable Action Camera Light

  • Turbo / High / Mid / Low / Ultralow
  • 360 / 230 / 95 / 30 / 1 Lumen
  • *45 min / 1 hr 45 min / 4 hr 45 min / 11 hr / 235 hr Runtime
  • 105m / 73m / 45m / 25m / 4m Beam Distance
  • NLGP3 (1180 mAh) Li-Ion battery powered
    - Also compatible with GoPro AHDBT-302 battery
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Battery power indicator
  • Waterproof and dustproof deep sealing construct
  • Filming auxilitary XP-G2 LED
  • Nitecore 5 years warranty

  • Battery Is Included Upon Purchase!
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    Product Description
    Nitecore GP3 Rechargeable Action Camera Light

    Complementing the men and women of adventure take; serving the necessity of media driven art, Nitecore GP3 is a multi-terrain torch spurring the exploration of seas to the uncovering of lands, people and wildlife. Design attachment specific to GoPro and Sony-based action cameras, GP3 Flashlight's illumination comes paired with lightweight and rugged PC (polycarbonate) construct — versatile for low lighting outdoors ambient, perfect for videography and photography use.

    Nitecore GP3 Rechargeable Action Camera Light covers a large spread of area with pale lighting form using an onboard sliding diffuser, enhancing and adding dynamic and vividness attribute in pictorial quality. Featuring a manually adjustable beam for conditional distance need, Nitecore GP3 Flashlight enables a safe yardstick for photo and filmography requirement. Up to 105 metres of long range illumination provided, simply slide down for the increment of reach. Nitecore GP3 Rechargeable Action Camera Light weights a mere remarkability of 2.89 oz / 0.082kg, while encapsulating the inner components with the most reliable sealing techniques for water and dust proofing capacity.

    Aforementioned multi-terrain functionality that can be used of up to 10 metres underwater environments, Nitecore GP3 Rechargeable Action Camera Light outputs a 360 lumen brightness using XP-G2 LED as an auxiliary filming light. A large power space with NLGP3 1180mAh battery usage allows a runtime of up to 235 hours, ensuring extended usage experience in the safari or city filming needs. Nitecore GP3 Torch is further compatible with GoPro AHDBT-302 battery for flexibility when situations demand.

    A large accessory extension compatibility maintains a universal convenience in the fields, which includes the capability of being attached in selfie sticks for the urban, internet oriented crowds, working as a wrist band flashlight, helmet and even bicycle mounts. Nitecore GP3 Action Optic Light is micro-USB rechargeable with power banks and solar panels for continuous video and photographer's usage, where current battery status can be shown with blinking of a blue power indicator:

    Blinking Status Representation:
  • 3 blinks represent above 50 percent.
  • 2 blinks indicates below 50 percent.
  • 1 blink pinpoint runtime is below 10 percent.

  • Power / Mode Options
    Mode Lumen Runtime Distance
    Turbo 360 Lumens *45 Minutes 105 Meters
    High 230 Lumens 1 Hour 45 Minutes 73 Meters
    Mid 95 Lumens 4 Hour 45 Minutes 45 Meters
    Low 30 Lumens 11 Hours 25 Meters
    Ultralow 1 Lumen 235 Hours 4 Meter
    Additional Information
    Additional Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.082
    Colour / Coating Black Colour
    Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 57.5mm Length x 25.4mm Width x 85.8mm Height
    Bulb Type LED (CREE XP-G2)
    Number Of Power Option 5
    Turbo Mode (Lumen Brightness / Runtime / Distance) 360 Lumens / *45 Minutes / 105 Meters
    High Mode (Lumen Brightness / Runtime / Distance) 230 Lumens / 1 Hour 45 MInutes / 73 Meters
    Mid Mode (Lumen Brightness / Runtime / Distance) 95 Lumens / 4 Hour 45 MInutes / 45 Meters
    Low Mode (Lumen Brightness / Runtime / Distance) 30 Lumens / 11 Hour / 25 Meters
    Ultralow Mode (Lumen Brightness / Runtime / Distance) 1 Lumen / 235 Hours / 4 Meter
    Battery Type Customised NLGP3 (1180 mAh) / GoPro AHDBT-302
    Battery Information Removable And Rechargeable
    Classification Camera Action Light
    Product Inclusive Of Multiple Accessories (For Selfie Sticks, Wrist Band, Helmet And Bicycle Mounts)
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