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Nitecore GEM8 Jeweler / Gemstone Identification Flashlight

  • Max outoput: 500 lumens
  • Max beam distance: 39 meters
  • Max beam intensity: 380cd
  • Max runtime: 500 hours
  • Infinitely variable brightness
  • Gemstone identification
  • Great penetability
  • Rotary switch
  • Special design and patented
  • Nitecore 5 years warranty
    Nitecore GEM8 Jeweler / Gemstone Identification Flashlight

    The GEM 8 utilises a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED to emit ultra-bright light with great penetrability, which is ideal for identifying the texture, technique, flaw or crack of gemstones. With great penetrability, the GEM 8 is perfect for detecting and identifying the impurity of jades.

    The brightness level from ultralow to turbo are infinitely variable. Users may adjust the desired brightness according to the types and sizes of gemstones. With the special design, it ensures a better beam focus. Convergent light ensures a clear inspection and the flat top allows close observation of it without scratching the item.

    The GEM 8 is best for small gems inspection, while GEM 10 is exclusively designed for raw gemstones or large jade inspection.

    Features / Functions:
    Power Mode
  • Turbo - 500 lumens, 1 hour, 39 meters, 380cd
  • Ultralow - 1 lumen, 500 hours, 1 meter, 0.4cd

  • Additional Information
  • Integrated measurement scale
  • High efficiency constant circuit
  • Advance temperature regulation
  • Ruggedness with impact resistance
  • IPX 8 rated, 2m submersible
  • Impact resistance, 1m

  • Included
  • GEM8
  • Spare o-rings x2
  • Lanyard
  • Holster
  • More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.057
    Series / Models GEM Series
    Rechargeable No
    Activity Professional, Everyday Carry (EDC)
    Product Warranty Nitecore 5 Years Warranty
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