Nebo Z-Bug Lantern Flashlight

  • 150 - 250 Lumens
  • Lantern / Spot Light
  • 4 Power Modes
  • 6 - 40 Hours
  • 3x Common AA Batteries Powered
  • Proprietary Z-Bug Sweeper Included
  • 360 Degrees Centralized Electric Grid
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Nebo 2 Years Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Batteries Are Included
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    Nebo Z-Bug Lantern Flashlight

    The joys of outdoor grilling. A moment of camping recreation. The fascination of deep cave exploration – all in the brisk of swarming insects. When attacks come, find your protection. The Z-Bug Lantern Flashlight is the next line of defense against these plague. Featuring an alluring NUV LEDs and a centralized electric grid, the Z-Bug is designed to adjust accordingly with a convenient handle.

    Nebo Z-Bug Lantern Flashlight comes with a proprietary Z-Bug Bulb sweeper that helps to remove insect remains from the grid. It is powered by 3x common AA batteries with a side positioned on / off button. An estimated runtime of 6 – 40 hours depending on the lighting modes (also fully dimmable) ensures a night long protection.

    Power / Light Modes
    Lumen Brightness Runtime Distance
    Spot Light 120 Lumens 18 Hours 120 Meters
    White Light 250 Lumens 6 Hours 10 Meters
    White & NUV LEDs Lantern 24 Hours
    NUV LEDs 40 Hours 395 Nano Meters
  • Instructions are printed on the label that comes attached to the lantern.
  • Please pull the Adjustable Handle of Nebo Z-Bug Lantern Flashlight up to reveal the lantern.
  • Never attempt to touch the electric grid of the lantern! A warning label pasted on the plastic guards of the lantern serves as a reminder.
  • Nebo Z-Bug Lantern Flashlight is not a toy and should not be left in any place where children are able to reach it.
  • While this lantern-torch is built for the outdoors, Z-Bug is NOT waterproof!

  • Specifications
  • Fully dimmable
  • 360 degree insect zapping rails (1,000 – 1,200V)
  • 360 degree protective cover for electric rails
  • Adjustable handle
  • More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.136
    Colour / Coating White Colour
    Open Length 19.7cm
    Closed Length 13.8cm
    Body Diameter 9.1cm
    Bulb Type NUV LEDs
    Bezel Type Smooth / Flat
    Lumen Colour White / Blue
    Lumen Activation Side Positioned, On / Off Button
    Number Of Power / Light Modes 4
    Power / Light Options Spot Light Mode, White Lantern, White & NUV LEDs, NUV LEDs
    Spot Light Mode (Lumen Brightness / Runtime / Distance) 120 Lumens / 18 Hours / 120 Meters
    White Lantern Mode (Lumen Brightness / Runtime / Distance) 250 Lumens / 6 Hours / 10 Meters
    White & NUV LEDs Lantern Mode (Lumen Brightness / Runtime / Distance) 24 Hours
    NUV LEDs Lantern (Lumen Brightness / Runtime / Distance) 40 Hours / 395 Nano Meters
    Battery Type 3x AA Batteries
    Battery Information Removable
    Classification Lantern / Spot Light
    Product Inclusive Of Proprietary Z-Bug Bulb Sweeper
    Barcode 5060063225722
    Series / Models Z-Bug
    Rechargeable No
    Product Warranty Nebo 2 Years Limited Warranty
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