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Led Lenser Magnetic Charging Cable Type A

  • 120cm length
  • Magnetic charging
  • Standard USB-A plug
    Led Lenser Magnetic Charging Cable Type A

    This magnetic charging cable with a length of 120cm allows safe and easy charging of all compatible Ledlenser products that feature the matching Magnetic Charging System. Alongside the magnetic contact, the charging cable comes with a standard USB-A plug.

    Compatible with:
    Core Series
  • H15R Core
  • H19R Core
  • H5R Core
  • H7R Core
  • P5R Core
  • P6R Core
  • P7R Core

  • Signature Series
  • H19 Signature
  • H7R Signature
  • P18R Signature
  • P6R Signature
  • P7R Signature

  • Work Series
  • H15R Work
  • H5R Work
  • H7R Work
  • P18R Work
  • P2R Work
  • P4R Work
  • P5R Work
  • P6R Work
  • P7R Work
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