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Gerber Neat Freak Braided Line Cutters

  • Micro-level Dual Serrated Edge Blades
  • Solid Piece Full Tang Construct
  • Patented Precision Paddle
  • Modest Index Finger Pad
  • Can Opener
  • Flat Sage Colour
  • Gerber 25 Years Limited Warranty
    Gerber Neat Freak Braided Line Cutters

    Micro-level serrations for a bladed edge, unlike the average cutters pushing the lines out, all braided lines in this freak are designed to hang for a precision cut. Blunt tip over sharp for safe use, the blades of Neat Freak are further buttress for a secure camber (the place of interaction between the two blades), allowing an even and firm follow-through as you are trimming lines or fillets. Ease of operation design reducing hand wear, Gerber's Neat Freak features the patented Bearhand Control for ergonomics by covering three built-in elements:

    1) The trademark Precision Paddle offers an extended pinky finger seat for more force while trimming or using the split shot crimper.
    2) A modest index finger pad is introduced for a four-finger grip. It is placed where the index instinctively rests.
    3) A one-piece full-tang frame for affirmed stability while using the blades with a lanyard hole that will not tear.

    Being a manufacturer of multi-use tools, Gerber added a bottle opener to the side of Gerber Neat Freak Braided Line Cutters.

  • To maintain peak usability, wash your tool with fresh water and then dry rigorously with a dry towel.
  • Use a tool oil to the hinges and its moving parts in a consistent manner.
  • Functions
    1.   Blunt Nose Tip 2.   Dual Micro Serrated Blades 3.   Lanyard Hole To Secure
    4.   Full Tang Construction 5.   Split hot Crimper 6.   Patented Precision Paddle
    7.   Forefinger Pad 8.   Bottle Opener
    More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.089
    Open Length 15.49cm
    Blade Type Micro-level Dual Serrated Edge
    Barcode 13658150935
    Length Full: 15.49cm
    Activity Fishing
    Product Warranty Gerber 25 Years Limited Warranty
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