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Gerber 600 DET Multi-Plier

  • 15 Functions
  • One Hand Butterfly Opening Multi-Tool
  • Partially Serrated-Fine Edge / Combo Knife
  • Cable Severing RemGrit Saw
  • Needle-Nose Pliers With Blasting Cap Crimper
  • C4 Punch
  • Black Oxide Coating
  • Stainless Steel Handle
  • Ballistic Nylon Sheath
  • Gerber 25 Years Limited Warranty
    Gerber 600 DET Multi-Plier

    A tool dedicated to the combat engineer. His agile skills and precision handling can be paired only with the quickness of versatility. Switching hand tools and time wasting moments are now of the past.

    Gerber 600 DET Multi-Plier is black oxide coated. With a non-reflective layer that will never glint under the bright of sunlight, it features a proprietary single-handed opening plier system that can potentially be a game changer under fire. And special to the use of D.E.T, this multi-tool introduces a C4 punch for detonatives and blasting cap crimper. An added RemGrit blade further its functionality of cable severing.

    As part of the package, Gerber 600 DET Multi-Plier comes with a ballistic nylon sheath.
    Tools / Functions
    1.   Needle-Nose Pliers 2.   Blasting Cap Crimper 3.   Wire Cutters
    4.   Patented One-Handed Opening 5.   Saf.T.Plus Locking Knife And Tools 6.   RemGrit Saw With Universal Coupler
    7.   Large Flat Blade Screwdriver 8.   Can Opener 9.   File
    10.   Ruler 11.   Wire Crimper 12.   Cross Point Screwdriver
    13.   Lanyard Ring 14.   Serrated / Fine Edge Knife 15.   C4 Punch
    More Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.255
    Number Of Tools / Functions 15
    Open Length 16.79cm
    Closed Length 12.80cm
    Blade Type Partially Serrated-Fine Edge / Combo
    Pliers Type Needle-Nose With Blasting Cap Crimper Jaws
    Handle Material Stainless Steel
    Sheath Material Ballistic Nylon
    Country Of Origin Made In USA With Global Materials
    Barcode 13658074002
    Number of Tools 15
    Number of Functions N/A
    Length Open: 16.79cm, Close: 12.80cm
    Types Partially Serrated / Combo Knife, Butterfly Opening
    Styles N/A
    Activity Professional
    Warranty 25 Years Limited Warranty
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