Black Diamond Spot 325 Headlamp - Sand

  • Low / Mid / High / Strobe / Red Strobe / Red Night Vision
  • 6 / 160 / 325 / - / - / - Lumens
  • 200 hr / 8 hr / 4 hr / - / - / - Runtime
  • 8m / 60m / 80m / - Beam distance
  • 3x Common AAA battery powered
  • Brightness memory system
  • Proprietary PowerTap function
  • Easy Lens Mode Second switch
  • Dimmable lighting
  • 6-setting, 3 battery meter Blue Light indicator
  • IPX8 rating
  • Waterproof and up to 1 meter submersible
  • Black Diamond 3 years warranty

  • Batteries are included upon purchase!
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    Product Description
    Black Diamond Spot 325 Headlamp - Sand

    Hands-free for urban professions and outdoor goers; here's a range that goes from the weekend warriors, nature enthusiasts to plumbing tradesman and security in patrol, Black Diamond's prize-winning headlamp, Spot, is designed to keep your hands off for where it's needed most - digging deeper in the work, or in survivalism.

    Multiple key changes came in the latest update of Black Diamond's Spot 325. Housing now an ergonomic headpiece of a slimmer profile in light of greater balance, the construct was brought forward into production use to emphasise wearing comfort. An updated user interface can be seen with an included 'Easy Lens Mode Selection' as a Secondary Switch, where Spot 325 Headlamp utilises an LED bulb delivering efficient, clear bright white lighting that saves battery life. Paired with an improved optical lens system that beams with a higher peak intensity, further distance can be reached that supplements night guarding and patrol duty watch from impending danger. Spot 325 now features a side-positioned 'Power Indication' that sets a visible benchmark deducing the remaining battery lifespan. Signaling in blue colour that varies in 6 settings, users are given notice of when should the 3x AAA batteries (which are included upon purchase) be replaced.

    Black Diamond Spot 325 Headlamp - Sand further carries a peripheral lighting which allows for hands-reaching related activities after dark. This includes preparation of meals if the hunt or journey into the campsite goes longer than expected, reading past dark and even gear assortment. Upon activation and closure, all past settings will be saved and loaded in Spot 325 for the next cycle of use. Black Diamond's proprietary PowerTap technology is included where motion and pressure detection switches from full power to dimmed lighting (and vice versa). Other spot LED functions like strobe, red strobe, red night vision and lock mode are incorporated for situational use. Spot 325 Headlamp is IPX8 rated for waterproof and up to 1 meters accidental submersion.

    Power / Mode Options
    Lumens Runtime Distance Reserve**
    Low 6 Lumens 200 Hours 8 Meters 0 Hours
    Medium 160 Lumens 8 Hours 60 Meters 27 Hours
    High 325 Lumens 4 Hours 8 Meters 36 Hours
    Strobe - - - -
    Red Strobe - - - -
    Red Night Vision - - - -
    Reserve time are additional hours of usable light for low-light activities. Measured to produce 0.25 lux at 4 meters.
    Additional Information
    Additional Information
    Product Weight (KG) 0.086
    Bulb Type LED
    Lumen Colour White Light, Red Light
    Lumen Activation On / Off Button
    Number Of Power / Light Modes 5
    Low Mode 6 Lumens / 200 Hours / 8 Meters
    Mid Mode 160 Lumens / 8 Hours / 60 Meters
    High Mode 325 Lumens / 4 Hours / 80 Meters
    Strobe Mode Unstated
    Red Strobe Mode Unstated
    Red Night Vision Mode Unstated
    Battery Type 3x Common AAA Battery
    Battery Information Removable And Disposable
    Classification Headlamp, Task Light
    IP Rating IPX8
    Weatherproof / Resistance Waterproof (1 Meter Submersible)
    Product Inclusive Of Batteries, Manual
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